Taxi Advertising - Liverpool & London 2012


The following prices are for 12 month super-side campaigns:

    1-4 cabs:         1,500/cab   
    5-9 cabs:         1,250/cab   
   10-14 cabs:   1,200/cab   
  15+ cabs:         1,100/cab


The following prices are for 6 month super-side campaigns:

1-4 cabs:         1,100/cab
  5-9 cabs:         950/cab
   10-14 cabs:    870/cab    
  15+ cabs:         825/cab   

The following prices are for 3 month super-side campaigns:

1-4 cabs:         770/cab
  5-9 cabs:         700/cab
   10-14 cabs:    670/cab    
  15+ cabs:         650/cab 


Design Service

- Professional design team
- Specialise in producing eye catching ad graphics
- Optional inclusion of3D rendered graphics or high quality  stock photographs
- Design approval and revisions included with each campaign


- Superside adverts are 4580mm long and span the entire length of the taxi
- Adverts are produced using a high quality lithographic
- All adverts are applied by a vehicle wrap specialist
- Production is included in all campaigns
- Tip up seat adverts are also available

Advert management

- Adverts are displayed on specially selected local TX taxis
- Careful monitoring of each advert to make sure it achieves
maximum visibility
- Adverts will be maintained, and kept in good condition
- Reapplications and touch ups are subsidised if necessary


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